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Driverless Infrared Receiver for your Apple Remote with Arduino.

Since I’m an (Mac) OS X lover but also a broke student, my main workstation is a Hackintosh. I’m mostly using this computer to listen music, and was quite disappointed about the fact it could not be used with my Apple Remote. So I ordered on eBay an IR Receiver from China, thus I had […]

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Using TLC5940 Library with ethernet shield on Arduino

I’ve decided, for costs reason, to use an arduino nano instead of a mega for my final version of the project I’m working on. The arduino nano is based on ATMega328 chip which does not provide enough PWM output for the 3 RGB led I need. That’s why i decided to use a TLC5940, which […]

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Putting ENC28J60 ethernet controler in sleep mode on Arduino.

During my fabulous trip in the fantastic word of Arduinos, i had to gather some data from the Internet. As a lucky owner of an Arduino Mega Board (Or some kind of chinese counterfeit), i was quite disappointed when i finally discovered that there were no official Ethernet shield designed especially for the ATmega1280 based […]

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